Rebalance archetype system the archetype system

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    Rebalance Archetype System The archetype system was released a couple of years ago and I was intrigued by the concept. This would permit more unique builds, and 2K22 MT also reduce the likelihood of playing being unbalanced because of the power of MyPlayers. In theory it was a fantastic solution to a long-running issue within the community.

    The archetype system isn't meeting its primary goal. The game remains unbalanced and I'd argue that the prevalence of overpowered build types is higher today than it was in the past. The problem is that 2K failed to manage the strengths and weaknesses of each build effectively. A center who is 7 feet tall and weighs more than 270 pounds is not going to be able surpass a guard in the court during transition.

    Point guards have struggled to build active teams over the last two years. Playing point guard is not an advantage. The increased speed of an Point Forward construction isn't significant. Point Forwards have greater potential than guards do. 2K Sports should address archetypes and design constructs that have inherent strengths and weaknesses. For example, a smaller center can move fast but their insufficient size can make defense against more prominent players more difficult.

    MyCourt was previously an essential component of 2K however, this feature is now less popular in the past couple of years. In the past versions of the game, the MyCourt was a space in which a MyPlayer could develop through basketball drills. This was an innovative idea , which rewarded players who exert extra effort into the game. The MyPlayer's progress has been restricted to the practice area. The MyCourt is now available exclusively for HORSE. The MyCourt was the ideal spot for players looking to solve rivalries. Two players could play an unison game on MyCourt and Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins the winner would be awarded bragging rights.

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