Firstly from nmz you can get imbuables

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    To start off go to one of the corners in the fantasy so some of the bosses will not have the ability to reach you (remember you need melee only bosses for it to work). If you would like to afk with routine overload / absorption combo bear in mind that these impacts will last approximately 5 minutes. There is also way to increase this time to 20 minutes when using super battle potions instead of overloads. For people who wish to stay AFK even longer it's possible to battle bosses on easy mode with Guthan place for 20 minutes but it is not wise since it wont give as much experience.

    The most important part whilst training in nightmare zones is collecting points for both regeneration and regeneration potions. You ought to be able to buy whole inventory of these every time you enter a dream. There's additional way of spending things if you are close to attaining limit. This should be used only once you know that you have sufficient points for the next batch of potions.

    Firstly from NMZ you can get imbuables. Player can imbue every fremennik and jungle ring to increase their stats twice. Finally it is possible to imbue crystal items to always maintain their highest possible attack stats.

    There's also special herb box which can be bought with points. Every one of these boxes contains various herbs and price 9500 points. As much as 15 boxes can be bought daily and each of these contains herbs that worth approximately 10k gold. This adds up to complete 150k golden every single day.

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