These are not personal attacks, you responded to division 2

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    Contrefaire The Blasphemer you know the op was trying to infer the game itself at release could be a permit. But again as you said nobody disagrees. Well to answer that plainly, it will not lol. But stop trying to start long bum arguments over something that will be easily interpreted through the very first article. Why would this type of restricted view be given by the op even on The Division 2 Credits a movie that is construct much much closer . That is like criticizing the xbox one the month on it being reviewed by a movie of someone on release after it was declared. It is just tbh and this isn't changed by your opinions.

    These are not personal attacks, you responded to me personally, so I'm responding to you. It's called a discussion. And I never stated his view was wrong, as I said in my remark. That linear presentation for him was probably terrible, but I would not go around telling people it was underwhelming when it was just one little tiny 2% of a game. That is all I was trying to state. And if there was not an NDA, I'd be much more critical of the edition and the game . You would then see that I too, regardless of my own"fanboyism", can be quite critical and objective of this game. But, the truth of the matter is that we've both played a demo, and no, you should not care what either of us think. You just jumped into a conversation for no reason. That's your fault.

    The snow gave it a much more interesting atmosphere, together with the notion of having shootouts in the middle of roads, taking cover on cars and seeing the big buildings around. It had an atmosphere. It felt a bit like HEAT. It isn't very atmospheric. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was atmospheric in its own settings with sound design. This was not. The color variation is not striking and is inferior. It doesn't have depth.

    Also, I'm nice with vibrant surroundings. If they're inventive. I adore the cyberpunk genre and its aesthetic as correlated with Blade Runner, of a town of terrible weather or snow, but filled with dark shadows mixed and contrasted from the brightly colored corporate ads and neon signs that The Division 2 Boosting call your attention. RAGE 2 does colour pretty nicely, IMO. Far Cry New Dawn does it very poorly, however, the game looks fantastic either way. Metro Exodus keeps its individuality and atmosphere by creating meticulous surroundings despite more color found, while also using the cold and colorless environments too, but all in beautiful looks.

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